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Lake mead reservoir

The freedom to model any way you want

Hydra Modeller is an exciting new way of working with water resource models (or other network systems). It removes the barriers of being tied to a single modelling approach or software and provides the freedom and flexibility to work in the ways you want to.

It's built on the strong foundation of Hydra Platform, an open software platform for network data management and decision support.

Explore, simulate and optimise your water resource system through a common interface that connects with a range of existing modelling software, or your own custom solution.

Hydra brings together a powerful open source data server platform, a stunning user interface and an app store offering extensibility and integration.

Hydra Platform

Hydra Platform provides you with a generic open software platform for your water resources management and network data management projects.

Hydra Modeller

Hydra Modeller provides an integrated user interface for building networks, managing input and output data and running simulations.

Hydra App Store

Extend the functionality of Hydra, and integrate modelling platforms and third party applications with Hydra, using apps from the Hydra App Store.

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