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Hydra Modeller is developed by Jacobs as part of a collaboration with University of Manchester, part funded by Innovate UK. Hydra Platform is designed to be a generic open software platform for network data management, initially geared towards water resources management.

Hydra Modeller is developed by the same team that develops Flood Modeller Pro, Jacobs' industry-leading flood simulation software. Jacobs develops innovative products, provides industry leading customer service and delivers global consultancy solutions to address today’s and tomorrow’s water security and flood risk management challenges. We achieve this by focussing our products on our users' needs, underpinned by proven performance and flexible, efficient and streamlined ways of working.

Jacobs has been developing flood risk management solutions for nearly 40 years. Our software has helped thousands of users transform how they undertake modelling and share and communicate flood-related information with clients and members of the public.

We are excited to introduce Hydra Modeller as this software is designed for customisation and helps us coordinate all our clients' modelling and analysis needs into efficient and highly productive work flows.

We take your complex data and help to deliver robust and innovative solutions focused on end user needs — creating industry standard desktop, web and smartphone applications.

Our development team has experience of the latest technology, coupled with practical experience across the engineering and water industry. This unique combination enables us to provide powerful and unique software products that can be customised to meet clients' specific needs.

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