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Why take a technical support and software maintenance contract?

A support and maintenance contract is much more than just technical support for your software. Over 96% of our users annually renew their support and maintenance contract as it provides extensive benefits, including:

  • Protects your investment. The latest version of the software is included as part of the support package (a small price to pay for continual software updates!)
  • Keep pace with industry standard. Ensures that you can meet the requirements of your clients and stay ahead of your competitors
  • Unlimited technical support. Rapid resolution to all of your software related issues by telephone or email. The majority of support queries are resolved within 24 hours
  • Regular new releases. Latest features, technological developments and improvements for free
  • Assured compatibility. The latest version of the software is always compatible with the newest operating systems.
  • Saving you time and money. Don’t spend hours trying to solve modelling problems. Our support team are on hand to provide fast solutions.
  • Exclusive benefits. Exclusive sales and training promotions.
  • Personalised service. A professional service from a trusted, knowledgeable and familiar support specialist provider.

Our technical support team are experts in user support and the application of Hydra Modeller software to real-world problems. We provide advice on software installation, model running and software functionality.

Supported users can more than recoup their costs through efficiency improvements released in new versions of the software and through time savings on our rapid resolution of support queries.

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