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Hydra Modeller Pro connects you to unlimited modelling applications and analyses in one stunning new interface.

Hydra Modeller Free is available at no cost, enabling you to confidently apply all the powerful functionality to compare two scenarios of any network of any size.

Price list

Please contact our sales teams to discuss a Pro vs. Custom licence arrangement.

Licence agreements

Licensing options

Standalone licensing

Our standalone software is ideal for those users who work independently or as part of a smaller group within a single office. The software dongle is installed on the harddrive of your computer and allows any user to  the software on a single machine at any one time. It does not require a network connection to run and can be passed between colleagues.

Network licensing

Ever needed instant access to an additional licence, but found that your existing standalone software was already in use? If so, networking your software is the answer. It provides you with instant access to licences across different offices, making it more accessible. It also provides a 'mix-and-match' approach to licensing of different features, making it more cost effective.

Academic licensing

Educational establishments can use Hydra Modeller for teaching, research and other non-commercial purposes at no charge. Please let us know your plans and we will provide a licence for these uses.

Rental licensing

Hydra Modeller software can be leased at 10% of the list price per month, which includes technical support and software maintenance. It cannot be leased for less than one month, however 50% of any continuous lease payments will be deducted from the list price should the user convert their rental to a long term licence.

Support and maintenance

When purchasing Hydra Modeller Pro, whichever licensing option you select, technical support and software maintenance is available. It is charged annually at 15% of the list price of the software and provides various benefits to an organisation. If an organisation maintains multiple licences, it is possible that they may fall into the CH2M discount plan which reduces the cost to 7.5% of the list price of the software, plus a base cost.


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